Membership and Pricing Overview

At Inspiration Fitness, where every BODY fits, we have membership or non-membership pricing options to fit every BODY!

Committed Memberships

If you are totally committed and ready to sign up for a membership at our studio, we have two basic options for you;

Please visit the MEMBERSHIPS section of our website. 

Ala Carte Purchases

If you are the non-commitment type, that is OK! We get it.

With InFit you can pay as you go, no membership required.  You can purchase:

  • a single class
  • a 10 punch card
  • a single month of unlimited classes
  • a personal training session
  • a buddy training session
  • small group training sessions

Please visit the ALA CARTE PURCHASES section of our website.

We highly encourage EVERYONE to create an account with us right now!
This will give you access to our Mind Body Online System where you can sign up for classes, make purchases, and receive our most up to date information!
Click here to create or access your account!
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