Small Group Training SCHEDULE
November 30 through December 18, 2015

NOVEMBER 30 through DECEMBER 18, 2015

Six weeks, 3 times per week: $108 for 9 sessions
·         MWF 6:30AM to 7:30AM with Kris 
·         MWF 1:30PM to 2:30PM with Tiffany (special group ***)

Six weeks 2 times per week: $72 for 6 sessions
·         TTH 7AM to 8AM with Felicia

Special Group ***  We are seeing folks who are out of shape, overweight, feel lost in the gym/need more education, feel intimidated, coming back from surgery/illness/childbirth, hip or knee replacement, have a bad back or a tricky shoulder/knee/insert joint here . . . or are a little older but are looking for something more than the standard Silver Sneakers experience) 

  • You are committing to a three week, time boxed, set of sessions.
  • We will fill these sessions on a first come first served basis.
  • We MUST have 3 people per time slot to make that group go. 
  • We will close the time slot with 6 people. 
  • This registration process will close on Wednesday November 25th, NOON sharp.
  • Friday afternoon you will receive a confirmation (if not sooner) of your inclusion in a group.
  • Once you have received your confirmation, THEN you will be instructed to go online and purchase your package.

To reserve your spot in a particular session, please click on that session to email the trainer.  Make sure you specify the day/times for the session you desire!
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