Julie Uhlen

Hi! I’m Julie!

Having been down the weight-loss road myself, I understand intimately the challenges and difficulties faced in achieving fitness goals.


As a mother, fitness fanatic and former schoolteacher in Australia, I decided in 2014 that I should explore fitness as a new profession. It has been an eye-opening, hugely enjoyable experience! I’m now an ACE certified personal trainer and also hold certifications for ViPR and Kickboxing. I’m a total endorphins junkie!


My philosophy is fitness should be fun. I’m a true people-person and really am excited to be able to share my love of exercise and fitness with others, as well as help them reach their fitness goals. You’ll leave my class exhausted but with a smile!


My hobbies include hiking, traveling and spending time with people I love. I live in Highlands Ranch with my husband, son and our dog Pearl.

Julie Uhlen instructs the following:
  • Core/Rx
  • The Core Prescription!  Sculpt and challenge your body with CORE-RX, a class that combines exercises and core movements like no other. In this class, we focus on honing our core strength using the TRX suspension straps, body weight, Bosus, sandbells, ViPR's, Bender balls, dumbbells and bands.
    This class will hit you like no other, as the emphasis is on strengthening the core and toning the body and less on cardio. If you want LEAN & MEAN, this is it!!

  • Knock-Out
  • An anything goes, high energy class that utilizes cardio kick-box combinations, circuit style drills and strength training to keep your body working.  Bring your gloves if you have them!  Class may contain contact drills on the bags.  This full body class is designed to improve your stamina, strength and speed. This class can be modified and is flexible to allow all fitness levels to participate. No two classes will be the same to prevent plateau and boredom!

  • HIIT
  • A fat blasting High Intensity Interval Training metabolic boosting workout.  Be prepared to dig deep and sweat! Cardio cardio cardio!  Did we say cardio?

  • Functionally Fit
  • The focus of this classes making your body move in the manner in which it was designed to move. Fun and challenging movement patterns utilizing miscellaneous tools like ViPRs, Sandbells, and TRX suspension trainers, get your body to the next level that traditional training methods do not.

  • HOT!!! Half High Intensity Intervals (HIIT) and half CORE RX exercises. Shock your system through interval training to burn fat and gain cardiovascular improvements. Then fine tune your core using the TRX suspension straps, body weight, Bosus, sandbells, ViPR's, Bender balls, dumbbells and bands. Half and Half....WOW.